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The Cemetery is Opening Soon...

The Cemetery is Opening Soon...

Greetings one and all!

The preorder opening for the Cemetery has been on a bit of a tight deadline, but for very good reason! We're running the preorder this early so that fulfillment is guaranteed for mid-September! That way, the majority of you will receive your ghostly goods in time for the spooky season! We appreciate your understanding and patience while we continue to work out just how our creative schedule needs to work in order to bring you all the garments from the Rooms for the correct seasons, and we do believe we're almost there!

Now, onto the important details to read before preordering!
  • There is no 'selling out' during a preorder, since the items don't exist yet! So please take your time reading size charts and asking us if you have any questions - you can place your order up until 11:59pm PST on the 14th and it's just as viable as someone who places it at 12pm PST on the 7th!

  • There will be an in-stock release! Just like with our other Rooms, we always order almost double the bulk of what we sold during the preorder so that we can also list items in the shop! For anyone who isn't able to participate in the preorder, please know you will have another chance to grab what you'd like!

  • There might be some slight size measurement changes! Nothing drastic, but please double check the size charts at the end of the preorder period (the 13th-14th) in case something has changed a bit!

  • If you add an in-stock item to your cart along with a preordered item, ALL items will ship in mid-September. If you want your in-stock items sooner, please place a separate order!

  • On the contrary, if you place two preorders, contact us to combine them! We're always trying to be more eco-friendly, so we can always combine your orders up until they're ready to ship!

  • If you know you'll be moving by mid-September, please make a note of it in your order notes even if you don't know your new address!
  • The Poet Shirt in Black is NOT part of the Cemetery! Because of this, it is not included in the Bundle or with any discounts! It is also an upgraded fabric that isn't quite as sheer as it was previously! (We will be having a preorder for the Poet Shirt in Cream with the new fabric very soon!)

For all other questions, please check out our FAQ Page with its own Preorder section, or you can send us an email through the Contact Us form at the top of the page! We are beyond delighted to offer you all such a spooky sampler, and we cannot wait to see what all you find the most intriguing!

To all the sprightly spirits and grinning ghosts,
- the Architect

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