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The Cemetery Preorder has Ended...

The Cemetery Preorder has Ended...

Greetings Honored Guests!

Whilst the Preorder period for the Cemetery has sadly come to an end, do not despair! We simply hold preorders to gauge how much stock we should order for the shop, as well as give folks the opportunity to reserve the items they know they'd like.

Here are just a few reminders post-preorder:

  • all preorders from the Cemetery will not ship until mid-September! You will not receive a tracking number until then either, and if you ordered in-stock items along with your preorder, they will all ship together mid-September. If you have any questions or would like to make adjustments to your order, please do email us through our Contact Us form!

  • If you have an Address Change please email our shipping department at the NEW email address: 

    Our shipping and inventory manager will take care of that change for you! Please do let us know if you have an issue with your address as soon as possible, and note that the more information you can provide us with your address (and, especially international orders, phone numbers), the better the chance of your package getting to you safe and sound. For preorders, you have until the week we send out packages to change your address! I will put up a notice for this on our homepage, discord, and through our email alerts, so please do keep an eye on one of those things!

  • If you weren't able to order during the preorder, you'll still be able to get garments from the Cemetery! We will be adding the stock to the shop after we fulfill the preorders, so keep an eye out for more information mid-late September! We will be attempting to get the stock into the shop as soon as possible so you can receive your spooky items in time for the Halloween season!

  • The Restock Preorder is still in production! We're hoping to receive those garments by mid/late September as well, and we will be adding them to the shop at the same time that we stock The Cemetery.

  • If you would like to combine preorders - whether you ordered from the Cemetery twice or from the restock preorder - please email our shipping department at the NEW email address:

  • Preview Listings for the Cemetery will be up again very soon in case you'd like to review the size charts, and as per usual, feel free to ask us any questions through the Contact Us form! While we cannot make major changes to every order, we can make some minor adjustments!
  • The Lightning Bug Button Down has been properly re-made with the correct, standard button down measurements, so once we have received, inventoried, and quality-checked them this week, they will be up on the site! (We will also be listing out the ones with the very small arm measurements as Defective!)


And, to end, a small note from the Artist:

"The feeling of opening a new Room never ever gets old, and being able to explore each and every one with all of you is so surreal. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be able to dive into my deep creative fixations and express them through the many doors that reside within the Manor; breathing life into them and then having the pleasure of watching all of you make these items totally your own; constantly spurring me on and inspiring me to create more adventures for you all to explore."

From myself, thank you all for continuing on this wild and wondrous journey with us. The Manor holds many a secret, even for us, so continuing to discover them with you all is the greatest honor!

We cannot wait to continue bringing you more Rooms to experience, more stories to uncover, and more garments to express yourself through. Don't be strangers; you're welcome to come visit Envygreen Manor any time.

With flights of fancy and winged whims,
- the Architect

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