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The Aquarium doors have closed...

The Aquarium doors have closed...

Greetings, Honored Guests!

First off, we must express how incredibly excited we are from the turnout of the Guest Preview for the Aquarium! This Room is near and dear to our hearts, and it was wonderful to see such love for it expressed over the past few days. We hope to continue to inspire seaside adventures this spring and summer!

The Aquarium doors may be closed from our Guest Preview, but the fun is just beginning! The details have been sent off to our manufacturers, and production will begin by the end of the month. We're still estimating a late April/early May preorder fulfillment, and an early/mid May in-stock release, so please read on for important notes!

  • You can still change your address, but we cannot accept order changes after Friday the 16th! Please triple check your sizing against the size charts on our instagram highlight, and email us with any questions you may have. Addresses can be changed up to a week before we send out preorders.

  • If you purchased an in stock item alongside a preorder item, they will not ship sooner! They will all ship together in April/May, so if you wanted those in stock items sooner, you would need to place a separate order or contact us to set up the split shipment.

  • Sign up for our email alerts to be notified of any important information or changes to the preorder, or frequently check in on the website/blog! We cannot manually email everyone separately and it is illegal for us to add your email to a mass-blast, so please sign up or bookmark our blog! We are not responsible for you not receiving important information due to not signing up or checking the website.

  • We also have a discord server found in our Socials links that you can sign up for and turn on notifications for the Aquarium Preorder board that will give you more frequent and casual updates, as well as allow you to better ask us questions and engage with the community!

  • Please check out our FAQ page, Shipping Policy, and Returns & Exchanges Policy for any questions that may arise during the preorder period

I do believe that's all for now! We will do our best to send out regular updates every other week or so, but it is dreadfully quiet for the first month of manufacturing, so please do bear with us!

With river songs and floating swans,
- the Architect

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