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Preparing for our first ever Restock!

Preparing for our first ever Restock!

Greetings Honored Guests!

We are thrilled to finally be able to prepare for our first ever restock! Read ahead for information on how you can secure your long-awaited items early, what to expect for the fulfillment of those items, along with information on the online restock!

Restocks can be difficult for small businesses for a multitude of reasons; to aleviate this, we've decided to take some inspiration from friends and hold a restock preorder! This will help not only to allow you all to reserve the items you've been waiting for, but will also allow us to have a better idea of exactly how much we should be ordering for the restock itself so we don't contribute to clothing waste or under-order!


Restock Preorder Information

Until May 4th at midnight PST, you'll be able to, once again, preorder your out of stock favorites! Please note that these items will not ship until September, as they must be produced and shipped to us before we can package and send them off! If you have any questions regarding our preorder process or shipping information, please check out our FAQ Page and Shipping Policy!

Please also remember that preorders do not sell out! Take your time to refer to the size charts, model info, try-on Reels on our Instagram, and message us if you have any questions! Exchanges have a fee and can be at the mercy of our stock levels, so please do take your time!


In-Shop Restock

We will be restocking on the site as well! This will simply happen immediately after fulfilling the preorders - a large part of why we're holding a preorder first is to help us determine exactly how much we should be ordering for the restock!


Will there be other Restocks? Will you Restock these items again?

This is a difficult question! Ultimately, if we receive enough requests, then we'll do a restock, but we've not received that many committed requests! We understand that it would be wonderful to simply have everything in stock all of the time, but we never want to contribute to clothing waste by having stock just to have stock, so we try to be conscious about our environmental impact by only manufacturing items when there is a demand for them. Please keep an eye out for 'restock request' buttons on the sizes of your favorite out of stock items to help us keep track of requests!


I do believe that's all the information I have for today regarding the Restock Preorder, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below or email us! Envygreen Manor is full of many mysteries, but we do not want your ordering experience to be one of them!

Have a wonderful day,
- the Architect & Staff of Envygreen Manor

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