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Nocturama Preorder Info!

Nocturama Preorder Info!

Hello Honored Guests!

This preorder has snuck up on us a bit due to both holiday seasons where we're located and where our manufacturers are located (essentially from December-February!), but we're doing our best to get it all out to you as soon as possible! We're on track to be perfectly on schedule for next year's releases, so we're hoping this is our very last off-schedule preorder!

For the Nocturama, these are the official dates:

Friday, October 20th at 12pm Noon PST 
Friday, October 27th at 11:59pm PST

Please remember the following!

  •  Since this is a preorder, there is no 'running out of stock'! Take your time to read the size charts and figure out exactly what you'd like to order, and email us if you have any questions at all.

  • Fulfillment will be in January! Remember: preorders mean that the items do not exist yet! As a small business, preorders are an incredible way for us to gauge exactly how much stock we should be ordering, but this means that the months-long manufacturing process has to happen after the orders are placed.

  • There will be an in-stock release! This will happen after we fulfill the preorders in January, and will function like any other normal shop release. While we will try to order as much stock as we can, there will obviously be a limit, so be sure to keep your email alerts on if you're looking to get something from the in-stock release!

  • We can only edit the items in your order during the preorder period! Once the preorder ends, we cannot edit the sizes or items you have in your order.

  • You can change your address up until we fulfill preorders! We will send an email out to everyone on the subscription list letting them know they have a few days to change the address, so please do make sure you're signed up!

  • A Room Key Pin will be added to your cart for free with every Nocturama preorder, but please remember there is a separate listing of the Key Pin for folks who only want to purchase it, or purchase an additional one as well! The complimentary Key Pin is exclusive to the preorder, but there may be 10-15 Key Pins available during the in-stock Room Opening in January.

  • The Poet Shirt will be available for preorder as well, but since it is part of the ongoing Basics collection, it will not be included in the Nocturama collection bundle!

Historically we've had issues with not updating folks as often as we should have simply because there can be weeks of time with no real updates, but we are going to change that for this release! We will be attempting to email updates every 2 weeks, and we will post them to our social media channels and Discord server as well if emails are not your preferred method of communication.


  • Email subscribers will receive a reminder email 24 hours before the drop happens, along with a discount code that only works for one order from the Nocturama. You can choose to use it during the preorder or during the in-stock Room Opening in January, but please note it does not combine with other discounts! (except shipping)

  • Both Mock Necks and both Bandanas will award you a discount if you purchase both variations!

  • If you purchase the Midnight Moth Capelet Hoodie along with one other clothing item from the Nocturama, you will receive a 10% discount for the Hoodie

  • There will be another collection bundle! The Nocturnal Bundle will include one of every item from the Nocturama (you can pick the sizes), with 10% off the entire collection. *note, this does NOT include the Poet Shirt, as it's from The Basics.

These discounts are exclusive to the preorder, except for the whole collection bundle and the bandana duo!

Previews, Prices & Size Charts


Some samples are a bit delayed, but we have received photos from our manufacturer and are very confident in them since they are items we have made before. The only item we're still impatiently awaiting photo confirmation of is our Ghost Town Brocade Vest, but we will be updating the listing with photos and information as soon as possible! 

We are operating on manufacturer photos for the Mock Necks and Vest, but we should have them in our hands by Wednesday the 25th, so feel free to hold off on ordering until you see more pictures if you'd prefer!


All prices will be available on the listings, but you can also find the pricing in the Nocturama Preorder announcement board on our Discord!


We're in a constant battle to make our size charts more accurate, so please make sure you carefully check them before purchase! Exchanges can be a bit tricky due to how little stock we're able to put aside specifically for them, so please email us if you have any questions at all.

Most of the Nocturama's sizing will be the same as the Art Gallery's sizing, however we've been informed that our 2XL-5XL sizing was on the small side for a few items, so we've tried to extend those measurements for this collection! If you purchased a 2-5XL from the Art Gallery, please carefully check the Nocturama size charts against the Art Gallery ones as things may have changed!

If you're still reading this, then please join us in the sun room for some spiced tea and cardamom cookies. I know this was a lot of information, but we do so want you to be properly informed before your adventures here at Envygreen Manor.

With stargazing and tea-sipping,
-The Architect

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