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The Nocturama doors have closed...

The Nocturama doors have closed...

Hello honored Guests,

We have, once again, ended a Guest Preview for a Room (otherwise known as ending a preorder for a new collection - learn more about Rooms & Keys by clicking here!) so that we can finish preparing for the in-stock Room Opening in a few months!

The Artist and I wanted to give you all an absolutely heartfelt thank you for your support for this Room! We want to start moving into a more 'capsule'-coordination-style collection format, and the reception from this has made us feel so encouraged to do just that. Not to mention the star of the preorder, the Poet Shirt from our new Basics collection! We are floored with its reception, and are very excited to continue to make more Basics (and poet shirts!) for you all to enjoy.

Now, on to the serious stuff!

If you placed a Preorder, please read below carefully!

Please sign up for our email list!

  • We only send out emails to everyone on the list 24hrs before a drop (with a discount code)
  • We send out updates on preorders only to people who placed a preorder
  • We send out product updates only to people who purchased the product

If you do not sign up for the email list, you will not receive updates about your order. There are too many Guests for us to email you each individually, so we can only send out updates in bulk, and it is illegal for us to include you in a mass-message if you did not consent to the email list. We are sorry to be so strict about this, but we have had guests ask us in the past why they hadn't received any updates on their orders when we had used mass emails to communicate information.

You can also find information regularly updated via blog posts and social media pages. We will have a 'Preorder Updates' highlight on our instagram if you do not wish to be alerted via emails!


Preorder fulfillment is estimated to be mid-January!

As we stated on the listings and in the announcements for the Nocturama, preorders will not be fulfilled in time for the holidays, and even mid-January may be pushed to late January if there are manufacturing or shipping issues outside of our control. We do our best to expedite the process as much as we can, but ultimately all we can do is be ready to quality check and package things when they arrive to us! If you have more questions, please check out our FAQ Page!


You can change your address, but not your order!

If you need to change your address at all, you are able to do so up to one week before fulfillment begins. We will send an email and post on social media to let you all know when the cut-off is for changing your address. If you fail to change your address and your package gets sent to the incorrect place, the recipient is responsible for any and all fees incurred by a returned package or reshipment postage, and we are not obligated to send a replacement order free of charge. All of this is according to our Shipping Policy, so please do read it carefully!

You cannot make changes to your order. We may be able to make a few exceptions depending on the item and what size you want to change it to, but once we place the bulk order, it is very difficult to allow changes.


In-stock Room Opening will be mid-late January at the earliest!

We will have an in-stock release for folks who were unable to participate in the preorder, but please keep in mind that it will be like any other store where we will have a limit to the stock we have! This preorder was a bit smaller than the Art Gallery, so please do not expect these items to stick around as long as the items from the Art Gallery have.

If you're still reading, cheers to you! We have an infinite amount of plans coming up for next year that we're more than excited to share, and many of these plans will be shared a bit early over in our Discord Channel, so do join the community if you haven't already. 

Envygreen Manor has been the biggest passion project that the Artist and I have ever had the absolute honor to bring to life, and we have every single one of you to thank for that. Whether you've just found out what the Manor is today or you've been with us since its creation, we are infinitely thankful for you. We hope to continue to provide you with mystery, intrigue, and creative clothing to bring those qualities into your every day life.

As always, if you have any questions at all, never hesitate to contact us through the Contact form on this site, leaving a comment below, or over on Discord. We adore hearing from you, so please do reach out, and we will see you all soon.

With sun-streaked skies and not-really-goodbyes,
- the Architect
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