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Halloween is upon us... and discounts await~

Halloween is upon us... and discounts await~

Greetings Honored Guests,

We here at Envygreen Manor hold a special fondness for the month of October, for every reason from it being our Architect's birth month to the celebration of Halloween itself. Because of this, we wanted to offer a special event for what we believe to be our most Halloween-appropriate clothing! 

For the month of October, we are offering 4 items at a $5USD discount - but there is also an opportunity to get a Room Key Pin for either The Study or The Snowglobe, so if you're missing a key, please read on!


Starting October 1st at 12pm Noon PST
Ending October 31st at 11:59pm PST


The following items will be $5 off for the month of October, and will return to their original prices afterwards!

Sunset Moth Button Down
Twilight Moth Button Down
Barn Fox Sweater
Festive Forager Button Down

Due to the limited nature of this event, we will not be accepting exchanges. We will honor refunds, but exchanges will not be available for this event (except on a case-by-case basis).

Room Key Pins:

For those of you missing a Room Key Pin to either The Study or The Snowglobe, this is your chance!

The first 15 orders containing a Sunset Moth Button Down or a Twilight Moth Button Down will receive a Room Key Pin to The Study.

While the first 15 orders containing a Barn Fox Sweater or a Festive Forager Button Down will receive a Room Key Pin to The Snowglobe.

And yes, if your order contains items from both Rooms and you are within the first 15 for both, you will receive both Keys!

The Key Pins will automatically show up in your cart when you add a qualifying item, similar to how they appear during Preorders, so if a key does not show up then the first 15 orders have come and gone! If you believe there to be a glitch, please do email us and we can check it out!


Due to the limited nature of this event, exchanges will not be available except on a case-by-case basis, so please carefully check the size charts for each item! Returns will follow the same guidelines as our Return Policy.

We hope that this is able to bring you a bit of cheer for our personal favorite time of year while we wait for The Nocturama to open its doors.


As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment them below or reach out to us via our Contact Form!

With haunted halls and raven calls, 

-The Architect

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