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First off, a massive thank you to everyone who participated in our latest Preorder for our fall collection, The Study! We had such an amazing turnout, and we're so excited to get the orders in to our manufacturers so they can get started on things ASAP!

- Just a reminder, our current estimated time of fulfillment is Mid-October! As we stated on the listings, Preorders are orders placed before we have stock- that way we can just order what we need, which helps eliminate clothing waste, and cuts down on the emissions caused by shipping! 

- We will be having an Overstock Drop sometime in late October/early November, but please do remember this will be extremely limited stock as it'll only be whatever's left over from the extra stock we ordered from the preorder! Please do sign up for our email list to get notified of when that's going to happen!

- In terms of the sweatervest/'mystery item', we will most likely have that available for preorder sometime in November, but it would not be shipping out until February at the earliest! However, we may have some extra surprises available for preorder as well~

I think that's all I've got for now! Theo and I (Em) are still out of town, so processing returned packages have been a bit slow, but we're EXTREMELY grateful for everyone's patience and understanding (and shoutout to our incredible friend Cat who's been handling all the packages for us AND did The Study's art!!!!) during this time!

We're so excited that you all loved The Study as much as we did, and we're already looking forward to the surprises that await you all very soon~

-Your friends at Envygreen Manor


Hello one and all! We are SO EXCITED to announce our newest room Collection: The Study! This botanical, fae-academia fall line is inspired by the playful magic of nature, and cozying up with a vintage botanical illustration book.

It may seem early to talk about autumn, but since this collection will be a Preorder that will take around 7-9 weeks to manufacture and send out, we wanted to get a jump start on it! With the preorder drop on the horizon, we wanted to make a place that answers the general questions we've seen floating around!

  1. When will your Fall line be available for purchase?
    The Preorder will go live Early August! This means there will be 'unlimited' stock, but a longer wait to receive your product (our guess is October!) since we'll be ordering exactly how much stock we need. This allows everyone to get exactly what they want, and also keeps us more eco-friendly by not ordering excess! (Plus, we don't have a lot of space for stock here in our house!)
  2. What sizes will you have?
    Our sizes generally range from XS-5XL, but we've gotten some feedback that they run a bit small, so please carefully refer to our Size Chart Page when we have the associated charts available!
  3. How much will all the products be?
    We don't have all the exact prices yet, but our products generally run from $45USD for our short sleeved button downs to $70 for things like sweaters!
  4. Will you make a ______?
    So sorry, but we don't do custom orders! Theo lovingly and intentionally makes every single piece exactly the way he envisions them, so we're not looking for suggestions, but we're glad you're so inspired by his creations!
  5. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! It just costs a bit more in shipping!

If you've got any other questions, please check out our FAQ page for more answers! We'll be regularly updating this page with more information, so please bookmark it and sign up for our email list to make sure you don't miss out!

- Your friends at Envygreen Manor