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Bidding farewell to an old friend...

Bidding farewell to an old friend...

Greetings Honored Guests!

As we wind down our festivities in The Snowglobe and gear up for our next adventure in our newest Room (have you spotted the hint yet? Many of you have~), we take a moment to say goodbye to an old friend, our 'Say Gay or Decay' Hoodie. There are many reasons we're retiring this style, but we wanted to give you all one last chance to get your hands on it if you weren't able to during our Pride 2022 release last year!

Details are as follows:

  • Preorder will be LIVE from 12pm PST March 2nd until 11:59pm PST March 5th.

  • This will be a Preorder. This means the hoodies are made-to-order instead of in-stock, so once we close the preorder, the manufacturing company will take around 6 weeks or so to get them to our doorstep for us to mail out! 

  • All fabric and sizing information can be found on our Preview Listing!

  • Payment installtions will be available for the preorder!

  • Any other items purchase alongside the hoodie will ship out in 6 or so weeks when the hoodie arrives! If you'd like your in-stock items sooner, please place two separate orders!

  • We are very serious: this hoodie will not be returning! If it ever does, it will have a major redesign and will be made with an entirely new company. We will also not have the Pride Moth or Butterfly shirts available, nor the Room Keys!
Any other questions you may have about our Preorders or Rooms can be found on our FAQ Page or our Rooms & Keys page!

Other important announcement regarding the next Room!

We've been hinting at it for some time while samples are being finalized, but yes, there will be a new Room very soon!

We will have a 'Guest Preview' (preorder) happening hopefully sometimes around the end of March, and the grand 'Room Opening' (in-stock and available to the public) will happen 2 or so months afterwards.

More information about that will be coming as soon as we have detailed finalized, but we wanted to be transparent for those who would like a bit more time to plan for items! Though we will have much more stock available for the official 'Room Opening' than we usually do in our 'overstock' releases, so if you must miss out on the next Room's preorder, please don't fret! You have very high chances of snagging the items you'd like!

If you have any questions regarding the Hoodie Preorder or the next Room, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Form! We know this can all get a bit confusing (goodness knows it is for us!), so we want to be here for any questions you may have!

I believe that's all I've got for you folks today! I bid you a wonderful day, wherever you are in the world, and we hope to see you at Envygreen Manor very soon~

Of warmth and well-wishes,

The Architect


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