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Order Fulfillments and Production Updates!

Order Fulfillments and Production Updates!

Greetings one and all!

How has your spooky season been? Theo and Em have been binging Halloween films and attempting to choose the perfect costumes to wear while handing out candy! But first, here are some updates for The Study Preorder!

Please note: less than 50% of folks who preordered from The Study signed up for emails, so we weren't legally able to email everyone status updates on their orders! We only send single emails informing folks of new drops, and then emails containing information in regards to your order, so we promise we won't spam your inbox!

For anyone who didn't sign up for emails, here's the breakdown!

  • This is your last chance to change your shipping address! Once we begin printing labels, it can be very tricky to change addresses, and it's near impossible to recall packages once we hand them off to the carriers! Also, please note that in our Shop Policies, the buyer is responsible for any re-shipment fees due to typos in addresses, unpaid duty fees, or unclaimed packages, so please triple check your information and keep an eye on your tracking numbers when you do receive them!

  • Blankets, Sweaters, and Key Pins are here! We're still waiting for the key pin backers (had some communication issues with the printers), but they should be arriving any day now! This means we can get orders only containing blankets, sweaters, and key pins sent out ASAP!

  • Production on the Sunset & Twilight Moth Button Downs ran into a few road blocks, so the new ETA for those shirts is November 1st. We purchased expedited airfare shipping (something we usually don't do due to cost efficiency and eco-friendliness!) to get them to us as soon as physically possible, so we should hopefully be able to start sending out those orders the first week of November!

  • Overstock will be sold later in November, most likely along with some other surprises!


We're constantly learning new things and working to make our process more eco-friendly, inclusive, user-friendly, and manageable for our very, very small team and space, so we're incredibly grateful for all the patience and support you've all shown us over the past year! We have a lot of exciting things in store over the next few months that we're looking forward to share with you all, and we've been working on how to feasibly expand and grow to provide better experiences (and more predictable production times!) for everyone!

Thank you all once again, and as always, our inbox is open if you have any other questions!
- Your Friends at Envygreen Manor

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