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IMPORTANT Order Updates & Information!

IMPORTANT Order Updates & Information!

Greetings Guests of the Study!

The Architect here with a few important reminders in regards to receiving your products! Much information lies ahead, so refresh that cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, and read on!

  • It is not possible to change your shipping address anymore! If you receive a notification of shipping and it’s not the correct address (or if there is another error with your shipment), please contact the postal service and attempt to redirect the package, as well as let us know so we can also contact them if need be. While we are always just an email away, we have no control over the package once we hand it off, and often times the postal carriers will be able to answer any questions you may have about your delivery!

  • On that note, please keep an eye on your tracking number! You will receive it via email once your package has hit the mail stream, or if you're an international customer, upon creation of the label. We cannot keep track of every single tracking number, so if you notice your package has returned to us here in LA, shoot us a message so we can work out what happened! (and check out our shop policies for info on what happens with returned packages!)

  • Please check your items IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them! As per our shop policy, you have 7 days from receiving the package to contact us if there’s an issue with your order! (After those 7 days, you forfeit the ability to receive a full refund or replacement item. It may sound a bit extreme, but we promise it’s there for a reason!)

  • Last but not least, we’re super excited for everyone to start receiving their products, so please don’t forget to tag us if you post anything with your order!! #ManorMondays will be pleased to see some posts featuring pieces from The Study~

  • As per the last update, Twilight and Sunset Moth Shirts are currently en route to us, so hopefully they will be here within the next week so we can get the rest of the orders sent out ASAP! Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding as we continue to find new manufacturers to work with!

And I think that's everything! Once again, please don't hesitate to visit the following pages for more information: 
FAQ Page
Shipping Policy Page 
Returns/Exchanges Page 
The Study Collection Updates Page 
And as always, we're just an email away~

See you all soon!

-The Architect 

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