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A new Room has appeared...

A new Room has appeared...

Hello Honored Guests,

The Artist and I are eager to announce our latest room, The Art Gallery.

We have very minimal information available to the public right now, but we wanted to share a bit of our plans to keep you in the loop! If you want to see a sneak preview of the products, please check out our Instagram! (The story will be saved on our Highlights as well!)


  • Nothing in this release is finalized yet. We have samples in the works and on their way, but we will not know what the final pieces will be or what exactly they will look like until they are in our hands. Any art we've shared so far is the speculation, so please do not be alarmed or upset if the final product looks a bit different from the concepts!

  • The Preorder period is now going to be referred to as the Guest Preview! There will be much less of a heads up, less advertising, and less preview photos available so we can get the preorders in faster and prepare for the full Room Opening. As per usual, Preorders will take 2-3 months to fulfill, but they are unlimited stock since they are made-to-order. 

  • The Room Opening will now refer to what was our old 'Overstock Release' - that is to say, we used to order a few extras of everything to sell once we finished fulfilling preorders, but now we're going to order more extras and treat the Room Opening as our main release! That means if you attend the Room Opening, everything will be in-stock and ready to ship to you, but it won't happen for 2-3 months after the Preorder/Guest Preview.

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ Page and our Rooms & Keys page for more information! And if your question isn't answered there, send us a message through our Contact Form!

Our estimated timeline is as follows:

Guest Preview [Preorder]: end of March/early April

Guest Preview [Preorder] Fulfillment: late May/early June

Room Opening [In-stock, immediate fulfillment]: early/mid June

We know that this is a bit later than we'd usually release collections, but we've been absolute perfectionists with it, and we plan on keeping these products in stock for a while longer than we usually would!

We hope you're just as excited for this new adventure as we are, and we can't wait to share it with you!

With paints and perspicaciousness,
The Architect

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