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Production Updates & Blog posts await! (9/15)

Production Updates & Blog posts await! (9/15)

It's been a while!
How has the arrival of Autumn been treating you?

Theo and Em are closing out their big adventure, and with that, we have some updates in regards to The Study preorder! (in this new blog format for ease of interaction~)
  • Fae Academia Sweaters and Fall Leaf Blankets are currently on their way to us! The Study Key Pins arrived and are being packaged, so there's a good chance that all orders only containing these items may be shipped out a bit early!
  • Production on the Moth Shirts is a bit delayed, but we're still crossing our fingers that they will arrive by the end of October! These things take time to make absolutely perfect, and please do reference our Shipping Policy page for any other questions you may have about our shipment process!
  • The Overstock Drop will still be happening post-fulfillment! We may have some surprises in stock in late November, so we might be delaying the overstock drop until then~
We honestly have more things we'd like to put out than we know what to do with, so we thank you all so much for your patience and continued excitement while we keep juggling everything as best as we can! It's so hard to not just share everything at once!

Also we've now introduced Manor Mondays to our Instagram! If you've got a cool outfit, makeup look, or even an OC starring our products that you've taken some stellar pictures of, share them on instagram with the hashtag #envygreenmanor for a chance to be shared during our Manor Mondays! We absolutely love to see how creative and talented you all are, so don't be shy! (You may even have a chance of being reposted!)

Thank you all so much for your love and support through this new collection! We're so excited to get it sent out to you ASAP!

-Your Friends at Envygreen Manor
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