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Nocturama Preorder & Room Opening Updates

Nocturama Preorder & Room Opening Updates

Greetings Honored Guests!

It’s officially time for the Nocturama to permanently open its doors - all items from the Room will be stocked to the shop on Friday, January 19th at 12pm Noon PST! And yes, the Poet Shirt from the Basics will be listed as well!

  • Please remember that our processing time is normally up to 1 week, but can go up to 2 during a major release. Especially if your order contains a Poet Shirt, you may not receive a tracking number for up to 2 weeks after placing your order. If you need it for a specific date you’re welcome to email us, but we cannot make any guarantees!

  • For guests who have preordered, your orders will begin going out this week into next, so please keep an eye on your emails for tracking numbers very soon. The time to update your address has passed, so if your address is incorrect, please begin making arrangements to pick up the package at the previous address. We can recall packages if they are en route to their destination, but you will be responsible for the shipping fees since we do not get refunded for the shipping of a package that was returned to us.

  • Please also familiarize yourself with our Return & Exchanges policy! We have gotten feedback that our portal isn’t working correctly, but exchanges are already a bit tricky for us to accommodate due to inventory levels and how small our team is at the moment. Please carefully read the size charts, and contact us with any questions! You can find videos of the Artist & Architect trying on different sizes of various pieces from our Art Gallery on our Instagram Reels section, and I highly recommend checking that out for some points of reference.

  • The Bat Habits and Good Crowmens Mock Necks ran into some issues with our manufacturer, and unfortunately most of the stock left after fulfilling the preorders has very small defects (tangled embroidery thread where the collar meets the shoulder). This is very insignificant, but we still don’t feel comfortable pricing them at full value, so both B Grade (what I have described) and C Grade (different color embroidery thread, uneven lines) of these products will be available in the listings (along with pictures denoting what to expect with B and C Grade products). Please carefully check which quality level you picked!

  • Please confirm your email subscription if you haven’t already! A few guests had issues receiving updates about their preorders because they either weren’t signed up for our email alerts or they didn’t confirm the subscription (often times the email goes to your junk/spam folder). You will not receive order updates if you do not sign up for emails. There are simply too many people to email individually, and we are legally unable to include you in a mass email, even if it’s not marketing-related. If you haven’t used the Nocturama email subscriber discount code yet, make sure you’re properly signed up and confirmed by 24hrs before the Room Opening so you can receive it and have it be available to you for the release!

That is a lot of information, but I do believe it’s everything I have at the moment! I’ll be posting another blog about the Aquarium shortly, so do keep an eye out.
If you have any questions, as per usual, please feel free to send us an email through the Contact Us form here on the site or ping us over in the Discord (found through the Socials highlight on our Instagram, or a previous blog post).

We’re gearing up for a very active 2024, and hopefully our scheduling will be a bit more spread out so releases aren’t right on top of each other like this again! In the meantime, we appreciate your ever-patient understanding while we continue our journey of building and exploring that which is Envygreen Manor ✨

With sun-warmed smiles and moonlit musings,

- The Architect

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