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New updates! Overstock & Warehouse Sale is underway!

New updates! Overstock & Warehouse Sale is underway!

Hello honored guests once again!

The 'yard sale' is in full swing, and we're already sold out of many styles and sizes! Please note: Free Shipping has ended! Thank you all to the folks who participated in the offer! 

Some other things to note!

  • Almost all orders have been shipped out! We're working on the last couple dozen, so if you haven't received a tracking number yet, please don't worry!

  • Now that we're past the first week, any new orders placed will ship out every Monday! This means any order placed up until Sunday at 11:59pm PST will be shipped out the next Monday! (So if you place an order on Tuesday, it'll ship the next week!) If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to email us through our contact form!

  • Please place any holiday orders as soon as possible! While the holidays still feel quite far away, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to get packages to you in time for your celebration if we're not given at least two weeks (if not more!), especially given the slow downs through the mail system!

  • The Study Collection will not return for quite some time! We currently have no plans to reprise The Study Collection (as opposed to the other shirts available during this sale), so this is your last chance to snag our Twilight/Sunset Moth shirts, Fae Academia Sweater, and Fall Leaf Blanket! Don't miss out- we're running quite low on some of the sizes!

  • We will most likely NOT be doing a preorder for the Greenhouse/Halloween shirts in the Spring. Due to minimum order requirements from our manufacturers, we're concerned we won't be able to hit the numbers we need, and we don't want to order much more and have there be clothing waste! HOWEVER, we'll never say never to ordering a few to have up in the shop randomly, so sign up for our email list to (only!) get alerts for new drops so you don't miss out!


I think that's all we've got for right now! Order fulfillment times are always very hectic and stressful, but we have a lot of exciting things happening over the next  few months that we're continuously excited to share with you all!

Secrets secrets~
Have a wonderful weekend!

- The Architect 

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