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Art Gallery Preorder Information!

Art Gallery Preorder Information!

Hello Honored Guests!

Please bear with me- this is a lot of information! I have attempted to compile the most important information at the top, but please do give the whole post a skim so you don't miss anything! 

We are very excited to announce that we finally have dates for the Guest Preorder for the Art Gallery! For those of you just looking for details, here's the main info:

  • The Preorder will be open from April 7th at 12pm PST until April 14th at 11:59pm PST! This is an uncapped preorder, meaning there's no stock limit since the items are not made yet! (ETA 6-10 weeks) Exclusive items like the Room Key Pin and special trinket will be available for purchase separately, so while purchasing a collection item will grant you a complimentary Key Pin as per usual, there is an option if you only want to get the Key Pin!
    This is a great option for folks who already know what they want and are able to purchase the items at this time, or for folks who want to collect the Key Pins or exclusive trinkets!

  • The Room Opening will most likely be in June! Previously we would only order a few extra items and release them in an 'overstock drop', but this time we're ordering as much stock as we can since the Room Opening will be our main event! It will be an in-stock opening of the Art Gallery that will stay a fixture in our store, with the opportunity for restocks if enough interest is shown.

    This gives folks a bit more time to plan and budget for items they want if they're unable to participate in the preorder! However, please keep in mind that there is still a limit to the stock we have (it's just higher than usual!), and Room Key Pins are not available during in-stock Room Openings! There are a few alternate ways to obtain them though, so scroll down for more information!

  • Sizes, prices, and more are available on our Preview Listings! Click here to check them all out!


For those of you who are new to the Manor, here's a little rundown of what our preorders are:


A preorder means that you purchase a product that does not exist yet, with the understanding that you will receive that product after it has been made.

As a small business, it can be an incredibly large and terrifying investment to purchase 10's of thousands of dollars of product without knowing whether it will sell, so the best way to combat that (and cut down on clothing waste) is through Preorders! Our preorders run for a few days, and then we use those numbers as our base to know how much product we should purchase.

Previously, our preorders were basically the only way to get items from us, as we would only purchase a few extras of each item in case of emergency. Now, we are completely changing that! From now on, we want preorder to be more like a special treat for those of you who already know us and what you'd like, or want to collect keys and exclusive trinkets, and then the in-stock 'Room Opening/Release' is the main event! All this means is that we'll be getting much more stock for the Room Opening Release, and there will be much less pressure to purchase during the preorder!

If you have any other questions about our Preorders, please check out our FAQ page!

Now, for a few more details:

Preview Listings are available for you to see the pricing, fabric, suggested fit, and more about each item. We are finishing up our completed size charts so they are not available quite yet, but we are trying to make them as similar to our size charts for The Study as possible!

  • The Light & Shadow Crewneck sample is delayed in production, so we will not know if it will be included in the preorder until this weekend. Please keep an eye on our instagram and twitter for updates!
  • The Leaf Canvas Tote will retain its measurements, but will not have side panels! We have attempted to convey what it will look like as much as possible, but we understand that it can be a bit confusing, so please let us know if you have any questions!


For those of you speaking about budgeting and discounts, there will be a few specials available! However, please keep in mind that we try to keep our prices as low as we can while still maintaining the business, so we have to keep discounts a bit more special and infrequent! If someone can always discount all of their products all of the time (like many fast fashion companies), then clearly their prices should be lower!

  • Email subscribers will receive a discount that can be used either during the Preorder or the in-stock Room Opening! It is a one time use code that only applies to items from the Art Gallery, and cannot be combined with other discounts (except free shipping!). You will receive it 24hrs before the preorder, and again 24hrs before the Room Opening in case you decide to save it!

  • There will be a discount on the Rugby Shirt Duo! It will be $10 off for the Preorder, and $5 off during the Room Opening. This discount is automatic when you add both the Starry and Sunflower Rugby Shirts to your cart, and it does not combine with any discount other than Free Shipping.

  • Free Shipping in the USA on orders over $250 will still be in effect for this release! We're working out the numbers for international folks, but we don't have them quite yet!

  • The Connoisseur is an automatic 10% discount that will be applied to your cart if you purchase the entire collection, and if you activate it during the in-stock Room Opening, you will receive a complimentary Room Key Pin(only available during preorders)

    The entire collection means all 8 items, not counting the Room Key Pin or exclusive preorder trinket. This discount does not stack with anything other than free shipping!

    For any other questions about our specials and discounts, please send us a message through our contact form!

 Room Key Pins

For those of you who might be confused, we create special, exclusive Room Key Pins for all of our collections (click here for more information on our Rooms & Keys!) They are 3 inch acrylic pins that are a gift for participating in preorders, and there are a few ways to receive them:

  1. If you purchase an item during the preorder (excluding a Pin itself), a free Room Key Pin will show up in your cart automatically.

  2. If you purchase a Room Key Pin from its individual listing during the preorder. This option is great for those of you who want to collect the pins, but might not be ready to purchase more items from the collection yet!

  3. If you're one of the first 20 people to get one during the Room Opening. For those of you who missed out on the preorder or found us afterwards and would like to begin your collection, we will have 20 key pins in a listing during the in-stock room opening!

  4. (*NEW!*) If you purchase the entire 8 piece collection. In doing so, you activate the Connoisseur 10% discount code as well as receive a free Room Key Pin!

As of right now, those are the only ways to obtain Room Key Pins. We will be honoring retroactive redemption for folks who purchased entire collections of The Snowglobe, The Study, The Midnight Terrarium, and The Greenhouse while supplies last, but that will be a much larger project for the future!

Well, I'd say that's about all I can justify throwing your way for today! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to leave a comment, send us an email, or see if we have an active questions block on our instagram story.

We're all incredibly excited to see you at The Art Gallery, and we hope you are excited to be there as well!

With pursued fates and picture frames, 
The Architect & Staff of Envygreen Manor 

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