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Rooms & Keys

Here at Envygreen Manor, we use Rooms & Keys as lingo to talk about our Collections, and this page has everything you'd want to know about them!
Scroll down for lore about our Rooms & Keys, technical explinations,
and some frequently asked questions~

"Hold on, where does this door go?" The Artist spoke over his shoulder to The Architect, engrossed in their book. 

"Hmm? Oh, most likely another storage closet." they answered distractedly, turning another page. The Artist shook his head and set his jaw, placing his hand curiously on the door, "No, no that doesn't feel right. It feels... sunny."

The Architect froze, blinking rapidly before bookmarking their page with a finger. "It's near midnight and we're on the second floor. How could a room feel 'sunny'? Do you mean warm; is there an excess of heat coming from the door?"

The Artist hummed, "No, not heat. It almost feels as though..." he reaches for the knob, turning it slowly before carefully poking his head through the door.

Moments passed before The Architect began trying to poke their head around for a look, "Well, keep me in suspense, why don't you? What's inside?"

The Artist slowly turned around, shutting the door and leaning on it with a sunny smile on his face, "You know how I've always wanted a Greenhouse?"

Rooms [Collections]

"Rooms" are the fantastical creations from the mind of The Artist- that is to say, they're our Collections!

They will generally feature clothing, with some other accessories like home goods, stationery, or other surprises mixed in. The consistent feature between the Rooms is their unique theming- the first Room opened at Envygreen Manor was our Greenhouse (our Spring 2022 Collection, based on trinkets you'd find in faeries' purses), and our most recent was the Aquarium (inspired by small, seaside towns). We open 2-3 Rooms per year, all based around what inspires The Artist, so there's always something new to discover here at Envygreen Manor.

The 'Reopening' of a Room (bringing an old collection back) is quite rare, since The Artist is always coming up with new ideas. We will generally 'keep a room open' (have stock ready-to-ship) as long as we still have items available, but restocking is quite rare for now until we have a larger facility, management team, and other capabilities!

Envygreen Manor Glossary

rooms = collections

Room Key = acrylic key pin; complimentary gift during guest preorders

Guest Preview = limited-time preorder 'soft launch' before room opening

room opening = hard launch, collection available in stock and ready to ship

attending an opening = purchasing during a release

room is closed = collection is sold out and will not be restocked

preorder = made-to-order items. may take 8-12 weeks for fulfillment.

in-stock = ready-to-ship items


Key are collectable acrylic pins designed by The Artist as a commemoration for your participation in a 'Guest Preview' (see the above glossary!) They act as a figurative way for you to 'access the room after it closes' (otherwise known as wearing/using the items you purchased during the drop!), and can either be received for free by purchasing an item from the collection during a Preorder, or will be available for purchase on their own during the Preorder in case you're unable to purchase an item from the Room (collection) at this time.
We will also include them in orders of enthusiatic
Guests who obtain entire collections!

We may create other ways to get them in the future, but rest assured the Keys will always be extremely special and somewhat difficult to obtain!

"And *there*! That should do it."

"Are you almost finished with the Room?" The Architect popped their head through the doorway, "We're opening it to guests in a few days' time."
The Artist smiled at the final pothos he placed by a window before turning with a raised brow, "That's only the third time you've reminded me this hour. I do think I'm finished though; do you think the guests will enjoy it?"

The Architect wandered through the room, smiling at the details of The Artist's latest creation. "I think there's a high chance they'll enjoy it even more than the last one." They stop, a concerned look crossing their face, "Should we offer those who attend some kind of way to re-enter the room at their leisure? I feel as though inviting them here just to close the room off for good seems... rude."

The Artist gazed out the window, furrowing his brow in thought for a moment before his eyes lit up, "I've got it!" he exclaimed excitedly, reaching into his pocket for a trinket from the room.

He tinkered with for a moment before presenting it delicately to the approaching Architect, "How about we give them their own Key for the room as a thank you for attending the opening?"

The Architect plucked the Key from his hands, inspecting the intricate design. "And you're planning on making new Keys for every single room?
Envygreen Manor is quite... expansive."

The Artist's face lit up in response: "That's a wonderful idea!" he laughed, spinning around the room, "Imagine- guests with key rings and bags full of lovely, unique keys, jingling as they walked to remind them of all the mysteries they've unlocked here at the Manor!"

The Architect chuckled, watching the spinning Artist with a grin, "Well then," shaking their head while glancing over at the doors,
"guess I'd better learn how to make locks."

Rooms & Keys FAQ

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