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The Snowglobe is arriving soon... ❄

The Snowglobe is arriving soon... ❄

Hello fantastical friends!

The Artist & The Architect are proud to announce the soon-to-be opening of their latest room: The Snowglobe! This is inspired by the whimsical foxes living in the snowglobe here at The Manor- did you see it in The Study? Look closely~

This collection will feature 5 brand new items:
  • Orange 'Barn' Fox Sweater

  • Blue 'Snow' Fox Sweater

  • 'Midwinter' Long Sleeved Button Down Shirt

  • Winter Leaf Blanket

  • The Snowglobe Key Pin [for info how to obtain the Room's Key, click here!]

Scroll down to take a gander at the Preview Listings for the drop!

As far as logistics go, here's the important information!

  • Products will go live on January 15th, at 12pm PST! Set those alarms!

  • This is going to be an in-stock drop! What that means is that we have a limited number of products, but they're all here and will be shipped out to you immediately!

  • We will not be restocking this collection, and we will not be offering exchanges! So please pay attention to those size charts!

  • We are working on a payment installment system that will hopefully be available for the drop, which means you can pay in 4 installments over time instead of all up front! We've been trying to get this going for a while, so we're really excited to be so close!

I think that's all of the important information for this drop! We know it came on a bit fast, but products shipped to us faster than we had anticipated, and we want to get your sweaters to you as soon as possible so you can enjoy the cozy winter months in them! 

We hope you're all as excited for this mini-collection as we are! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, drop us a comment below! We love hearing from you <3


- The Architect

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