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The Aquarium is coming soon… 🫧

The Aquarium is coming soon… 🫧

Greetings Honored Guests!


Many of you have already seen on our social media pages and discord, but we’re proud to announce our next Room…

🫧The Aquarium🫧

with sunny shores and deep, dark depths, there’s bound to be something for everyone in this aquatic collection for the Spring. Read on for preorder information!


The Aquarium will open its doors just a crack for the Guest Preview, or Preorder, on February 2nd at 12pm Noon PST! We know this is a bit early to be dreaming of spring, but preorders usually take 2+ months to fulfill, and we want to make sure you have your Aquarium items early enough to celebrate the springtime with them! (Just wait for our fall collection, which will have its preorder at the end of June).

Remember that after preorders we always have an in-stock Room Opening that is usually more in-line with the season - so the Aquarium will have its Room Opening stock to the website in April. We hold preorders to gauge interest in items, as well as to give Guests the chance to get exactly what they want, in the sizes they want, without having to worry about stock levels! We’re still a very small business, so we haven’t been able to hold restocks yet, but we’re hoping to be able to restock one or two of the more popular Art Gallery pieces this year.


So far we have 8 unique clothing items, 2 silk-cotton bandanas, and a duo of wooden pins that will be available (as well as the Room Key Pin, of course!), so please check out the collection photo on our Instagram and keep an eye out for the products to be revealed across our social media pages! There will be Preview Listings here on the site with size charts and pricing about one week away from the Preorder.

I’ll have another blog post up closer to time for the preorder, but please do check out our FAQ Page to familiarize yourself with the questions we get asked the most in regards to our preorders! If your question isn’t answered there, please free to email us through the Contact Us page, or ping us in the Discord!


The Aquarium is a bit of a passion project of the Artist’s, so we’re infinitely excited to share something so close to our hearts with you all. One of our sayings at Envygreen Manor is that there truly is something for everyone, and we believe the dichotomy of Rooms that will appear this year will do nothing but prove that saying true.

With gleaming glass and sand-smoothed shells,

- the Architect

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