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Coming Soon: The Nocturama

Hello once again, my honored friends.

I bring you news of our newest Room: The Nocturama.

With midnight tones and desert roads, a Nocturama is known as a facility that houses nocturnal animals. Here in Envygreen Manor, our Nocturama has a few special features for you to explore when the Room is ready for guests. Previews are up and coming on our social media pages, so do check out the Nocturama highlight on our Instagram to make sure you haven't missed a thing.

As for timelines, we're still (im)patiently awaiting responses from our dutiful manufacturers for samples so that we know what will and won't be possible for this collection. As of right now, we have people making 7 garments and 3 accessories, so fingers crossed we will be able to release them all to you very soon. Currently our vague ETA for the samples is mid-September, so we're hoping to have the preorder the 3rd or 4th week of September so that we can fulfill the preorders and open the room to you all by the end of November! While we cannot make promises (in case something happens during shipping or some pieces need more time), we will try our hardest to allow orders to arrive before the holiday season.

Preorder Details:
Much like with our previous preorders, this one will work the same. If you're signed up for the email list, you'll receive a one time use code for one order from The Nocturama, and the preorder will be the only time you can obtain a Room Key Pin (free with every order, or available for purchase separately during the preorder). There may be a discount bundle or two available, but the Collection Bundle will be available as well.

International Key Order Update:
Unfortunately, the shipping for a single key pin internationally is just far too much for us to justify charging ($15+USD for the single pin!), and we've tried multiple carriers only to receive the same response. Because of this, we will not be accepting international orders for single keys. However, if we have a few keys available in the shop during the in-stock Room Opening after the preorder, you can add them to your order if it has other items in it.

Sizing Updates:
As you all know, we're constantly working to update our size charts to be more inclusive. For this next collection, sizes 2XL-5XL will have increased measurements! Because of this, please read the new size charts before preordering or purchasing! Your size may have changed, even if a garment is a variation of a previous garment we made. Please remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions.

On the Horizon:
We're hard at work to try to get ahead of each next collection and project, so keep an eye out for another Room arriving around February, and other smaller preorders happening as well. We don't like to announce Rooms before the Artist has made significant headway into them (since Rooms are oh so malleable and prone to change), but I do believe we may be set on ideas for 2024 - fingers crossed! We hope to be able to provide more sneak peeks and previews for you all since we're more familiar with our manufacturer's capabilities - we simply never want to disappoint you all by sharing a design that is ultimately impossible.

Thank you all once again for your immaculate patience and contagious excitement surrounding our new collections, and we're very keen on delivering more mysteries and experiences for you to enjoy!

With bated breath and hopeful horizons,
-The Architect
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