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PREORDER | Cemetery Room Key Pin

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Preorder from June 7-14!
Ships in September
One FREE Key with Every Preorder!*

Here at Envygreen Manor, our collections are called "Rooms", and each "Room" has a collectable Room Key Pin to go alongside it! These special Key Pins are exclusive to each Room, and can be quite difficult to obtain. There are 3 ways to get them:

1.) If you make an order during the preorder, you will receive one for free with your order! Any item, other than a single key pin itself, will grant you a free key pin.

2.) During the preorder, a listing for a single Room Key Pin will be available (this one!); if you'd like to hold off on purchasing any other items until the in-stock release but you don't want to miss out on a Key. OR if you'd like additional Key Pins with your preorder, say if you're splitting the order with a friend!

3.) During the in-stock release after the preorders are fulfilled, we will have a small amount of Key Pins available - however, these tend to sell within an hour or two, so if you choose to wait, please set your alarms and be prepared to click fast!


Colors in the photo may vary in the final product, due to screen differences and adjustments made for the final bulk.

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