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Send Kelp Waffle Knit

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Waffle Knit Texture

This shirt took us quite a bit to nail down since it's a bit of a waffle-knit, a bit of a tshirt, a bit of a 3/4 length sleeve, but also has embroidery - so we've settled on a bit of an 'oversized knit tshirt'! We're looking forward to creating new and exciting garments for you all, so many lengthy descriptions will be coming your way in the future ~


Full transparency - we cannot get two photos of this shirt to look like the same color no matter how hard we try! We included a few here to show how much the color can vary depending on the light and what colors are surrounding it, so we do hope it’s enough for you to make an informed decision!

Colors in the photo may vary in the final product, due to screen differences and adjustments made for the final bulk.

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