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Thank you so much to everyone who participated!! We’re so grateful to have the ability to run overstock drops for folks who weren’t able to get in on preorders, so thank you for being a part of that!
As some of you may have seen on our Instagram, Twitter, and tiktok, we’re already gearing up for our next room installation: The Study 📚 coming this fall! We’re so excited to continue to bring you all into the world of Envygreen Manor, and we hope you enjoy this next collection as much as we do!
As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please check out our FAQ page and shoot us a message if your query isn’t addressed there! Our inbox has been LOADED lately so it’s taking a bit longer to reply to messages than usual!
Thank you again to every dear friend who visited our Midnight Terrarium this Pride Month! 🌈 Keep an eye out for loads more exciting things coming soon, as well as some rather interesting lore about the manor 👀
- Your friends at Envygreen Manor


>>PRIDE OVERSTOCK DROP HAPPENING ON THE 20TH AT 12NOON PST!! Very limited stock available!

>>All Pride preorders are packaged and/or sent out EXCEPT orders containing stickers! (read on for more info)

There's been a delay with the stickers, so one of two things will be happening to the orders containing them:

  1. If they're going to arrive by Wednesday, we'll hold all orders containing stickers til then and then send them out ASAP!
  2. If they're arriving after Wednesday, we'll go ahead and send out the orders, with the stickers coming in envelopes later on!

That's all we've got for now! Once again, PLEASE keep an eye on your tracking number to see if your package has returned to us here in Los Angeles, and shoot us a message via our Contact Form to let us know! Em's the only one who can respond to emails, manage returned packages, orders, and print labels right now, so it makes the whole process go a lot smoother if you let us know that your order has returned!

We're always learning something new during every drop, so we're eternally grateful for your patience and understanding while we go through a lot of trial and error! We're about to celebrate our first year of having this business, and we're so excited to see all the ways we'll be able to grow moving forward!

- Your friends at Envygreen Manor


Stickers are the last items to arrive, and they should be here on the 17th!
ALL orders are on their way out except those including stickers, but we're hoping to have those orders sent out ASAP after the stickers arrive!

We received the Moth and Butterfly short sleeved button downs the other day and have been busting out orders as quickly as possible, so if you haven't received a tracking number yet, keep an eye out because you should be getting one very very soon!

If you haven't received a tracking number yet- please don't fret! We have our system set up to send you your tracking number the moment the package gets scanned by the shipping service so as to not create confusion if we're not able to drop it off for a day or two! 

We're tentatively thinking about a week from today, but we don't have anything set in stone yet! Sign up for our mailing list to get notified of the date/time, and keep an eye on our social media page for more information as well! We'll be uploading the size charts to our Size Chart page here on the website once we take down the Greenhouse Listings!

This drop has been absolutely INSANE for us- it's been awesome seeing the response to so many new items, and we're so stoked to be making some brand new items for the Fall Drop coming up as well that we hope you all love just as much as we do!

-Your friends at Envygreen Manor


The Moth Denim Overshirts have arrived!!
We're VERY excited to have yet another item from the Pride collection finally here! Just to recap, these are the orders that are being sent out at the moment!

Orders consisting only of these items are being sent out right now:
  • 'Say Gay' Hoodies
  • Leaf Blankets
  • Moth Denim Overshirts

Orders containing any of these items will not be sent until the items arrive to us:

  • Short Sleeved Butterfly Button Down
  • Short Sleeved Moth Button Down
  • Pride Sticker Set

So if your order contains anything from the second list, it will not be sent out yet until we receive the items! Our current estimate is sometime during the week of June 11th, but our tracking numbers aren't telling us specific dates quite yet! We promise we're trying to prepare everything to be sent out the moment it arrives to our door!

Thank you all for your patience and support, and a massive shoutout to all the wonderful people tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, and our other socials! It brings the biggest smiles to our faces every time <3

- Your friends at Envygreen Manor


Hello all! 

We're happy to announce that the Leaf Blankets and Say Gay Hoodies have arrived!! We're still waiting on the Butterfly and Moth button downs, stickers, and the Moth denim though, but hopefully we'll have concrete ETA's for those very soon!

Since we have the blankets and hoodies, we're going to tentatively begin sending out orders ONLY CONTAINING BLANKETS AND HOODIES! I know this is a bit confusing, but they're quite bulky products that take up a lot of room in our garage, so we'd like to try and get some of them out and to you all if we can!

So just to clarify:
  • Orders containing ONLY a Leaf Blanket AND/OR Hoodie may be sent out in the next 2 weeks or so!
  • Orders containing any other products WILL NOT BE SENT UNTIL WE HAVE THE OTHER PRODUCTS! We will update this page with ETA's as soon as we receive word from our manufacturers!

Now's the time to triple check your address/size since we won't be able to make adjustments once we start sending things out! We're hoping to have everything by mid-June so we can release the overstock for folks before the month is over!

Reminder that the Greenhouse shirts currently in the shop will be taken down when we receive the Pride collection, so if you'd like to grab one, now's the time!

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and we're very excited to keep making rad stuff for you all!

-Your friends at Envygreen Manor


All Midnight Terrarium products have been ordered! We don't have shipping dates yet, but keep in mind the average manufacturing time is 5-9 weeks and sometimes longer due to manufacturing issues (like defective products, quality checks) or shipping delays. Please check out our Shipping Policy for more information on how our preorders work, and scroll down to read more related to the drop!

We're very excited to begin updating our 'blog' system to provide you all with more visually-immersive updates, but we want to be a bit more in-touch about our processes so as to not leave anyone in the dark about the status of the preorders!

As always, be sure to check out our FAQ page, Shipping Policy page, and contact us if you aren't able to find the answer to your question!

Thank you all for your never-ending support, and we're thrilled to continue to bring you on these flights of fancy with us~
-Your Friends at Envygreen Manor

April 13th 2022

Envygreen Manor would like to extend its enormous thanks to everyone who attended the grand opening of the Midnight Terrarium, 'Pride Mo[n]th', and are pleased to grant you a Key to the Midnight Terrarium as a memento. The final numbers for the items purchased have been sent out to be manufactured, and the wait now begins!

Things to note:
  • Our experts (The Architect) estimates all orders will likely be shipped out in June, so please do be sure your address is an address you will have access to in that month
  • It is very difficult to adjust the sizes of your order once we place the main order, so do double check to make sure you've placed the correct size and contact us if anything seems amiss!
  • We will be regularly updating this page instead of sending email updates (so as to not clutter the inboxes of those who didn't attend this drop), so please keep this page bookmarked! We hope to have more of a 'blog' system in the future, but this will have to do for now!
  • As always, please refer to our FAQ page, Shipping Policy, and our Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges Policy so as to avoid any future miscommunications!
  • There will be a second drop, however, it will be extremely limited stock and will not be available until we've finished fulfilling the preorders (sometime in June). Please sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know since the drop will be on a first-come-first-served basis!
Whether you were able to attend this opening or not, every Guest (you all!) is the energy that keeps Envygreen Manor and its many, many stories alive, and we would not be here without every single one of you. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to bring this wild, fantastical dream to life so we can all share it!


We wanted one place you could come to for all the information you need for the Midnight Terrarium: Pride Mo(n)th preorder, so please read over everything very carefully!

  • The preorder will run from April 7th, 12pm PST - April 11th, 12pm PST! There will be unlimited stock, so you don't have to rush to order ASAP! Take your time to read the size charts and triple check your address at the time of fulfillment!
  • We do not have all the size charts and prices ready yet, but you can check out our 'Size Chart' page to figure out your size for our short-sleeved button downs! The prices of the shirts, over-shirt, hoodie, and blanket, will all be in the $35-55 range, and the sticker set will be closer to $20! Keep in mind this does not include Shipping, which can vary depending on your location and how heavy your order is!
  • Since it's a preorder, the products will not ship out for 6-9 weeks. Sometimes longer if there are manufacturing or shipping issues! Please read our SHIPPING POLICY for more information on why it takes some time! This page and our social media pages will be regularly updated throughout the process!
  • There will be multiple size charts since each item fits differently, so please read the instructions on the listings (when they're live) for how to determine measurements very carefully! Most of our size charts are NOT human sizes, but instead the garments laid flat- which will produce a very different number!
  • Please make sure your address is correct for the time of fulfillment! This means what your address will be in the 6-9 weeks! You may chance your address by contacting us via the form on the site, but please try to do so as soon as possible so we can make sure we get your package to the correct place! Please read our SHIPPING POLICY for information on returned packages due to address issues!
  • If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page before contacting us! Our most popular questions are all added there!

Here at Envygreen Manor, LGBTQIA2+ issues are the heart of our business since we, ourselves, are part of the community. Pride Month is an incredibly important month for all LGBTQIA2+ individuals, so a portion of the proceeds from this drop will be both going towards Theo's gender-affirming chest surgery, as well as to a Florida-based organization to support LGBTQIA2+ Youth, since Florida is (rather unfortunately) Theo's home state.