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Pause for a Brief Intermission

Pause for a Brief Intermission

Hello Honored Guests,

And a hearty, bombastic THANK YOU from everyone here at Envygreen Manor for making the preview for The Art Gallery our biggest event yet! We are sincerely blown away by the response, and we've already been working with our manufacturers to get started on creating all of the items you've been seeing over the past weeks!

For any lovely Guests who were unable to attend the Preview [preorder], please do not fret! We will have an in-stock Room Opening sometime this June (approximately, subject to change), where we will be adding stock from The Art Gallery into the online store! We're doing our best to order absolutely as much as we can due to the popularity of the preorder, so please don't worry about things selling out too quickly! (We hope!)

As far as preorder fulfillment goes, we do have an estimate of 8-10 weeks for the manufacturing, shipping, quality check, and inventory process (this time does not include your personal shipping time). We do everything we can to expedite this process, but it is very important to us that every worker and company we work with is treated fairly, and that your products are made with careful consideration and not rushed. Sometimes companies have issues where workers get sick, sometime shipping is delayed due to storms, and a variance of other things that can delay your fulfillment time. We will do our best to keep you all updated every 2 weeks both through email (if you preordered) and social media, but we ask that you continue to have that incredible patience through the process so we can ensure your package arrives to you as perfectly as possible!

On the topic of Restocks - we've spoken about this a bit in our stories, but unfortunately we're just such a new company with wildly inconsistent selling patterns, so it can be quite the gamble for us to invest the money necessary to have a restock since often times you have to order hundreds of a product in order to have a manufacturer make it again - and the last thing we want is to contribute to clothing waste if we have something that won't sell! We're hoping to mitigate this with a restock request form that we'll have on our website very soon, so that way we can get more consistent potential sales data! Please keep an eye out for that!

I think that's all I've got for right now - we really cannot thank you all enough for the love you've shown to the Art Gallery, and The Artist is already buzzing away at the next Room (hints may be dropping sooner than you think... especially if you're in our Discord ~, and we're all preparing the Manor to receive the overwhelming amount of stock heading to us very soon!

With warm hearts and warm hearths,

The Architect, The Artist, & The Staff of Envygreen Manor

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